Consumer Credit Counselors

Call to make either a telephone or a face-to-face appointment with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Counselor.

After your counseling session, be sure to request your Certificate of HECM Counseling. Ask the Counselor if they can send the Certificate directly to Heritage Mortgage Corporation at 120 Ascot Drive, Suite D, Roseville, CA 95661. If the counselor sends the Certificate directly to you, contact Paul Wlasiuk at Heritage Mortgage 916.780.1015 or 800.622.8787 as soon as you receive your certificate.

We must have the original Certificate before we can begin processing your loan.

Bydesign Financial Solutions, dba CCCS of Sacramento Valley 4636 Watt Avenue, Second Floor North Highlands, CA 95660 - 800.750.2227

NID - HCA Redmond 3525 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95817 - 916.654.4495

National Foundation for Credit Counseling - 866.698.6322

Money Management International - 877.908.2227

AARP - 800.209.8085